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Neil Gaiman

Neil is the author of books, graphic novels, short stories, and creator of film and television for all ages.

Cat Mihos

Cat Mihos comes from a live production background. She began working with Neil Gaiman and The Blank Corporation back in 2006

Michael Marshall Smith

Blank’s Creative Director and lead story executive: a screenwriter and award-winning author of short stories and fourteen novels.

Sarah-Kate Fenelon

An Irish film producer, most recently produced Good Omens 2 for Amazon and BBCS.

"The Sandman is a triumph that lands what counts and looks good doing it. The performances are great, the world is large, and it’s a really unique-feeling story. It’s bold. It’s fun. It’s dreamy."
Jeff Ewing
"With an engaging cast, a wonderful sense of style, and a story that feels both timeless and tailor-made to today, Good Omens crafts a very binge-worthy fantasy tale that audiences will likely fall in love with."
Jenna Anderson
"American Gods offers some of the most dazzling and rewarding television you have seen. This is as much a piece of art as it is entertainment."
Kshitij Rawat
The Indian Express

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