Rachael Clark

Assistant to Neil Gaiman

Before joining the Gaiman universe, RACHAEL CLARK spent 3 years working on major TV productions in New Zealand as an assistant to Executive Producers and Directors. Her credits include Amazon’s Lord of the Rings prequel series, Netflix’s Sweet Tooth and live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop, among others. Back in 2013, Rachael swapped her Law Professors at Victoria University of Wellington, for shifu in the Yuntai Mountains of China. Following this she spent 2 years in London, working in the financial sector at Stamford Associates and studying the role of Producer at the Met Film School. Now though, it’s film and TV all day everyday. In her spare time, Rachael collaborates on her own projects and brings together a group of like-minded upcomers in the Auckland film/TV scene for a bi-weekly Writers’ Group.