Neil Gaiman

President / Principal

NEIL GAIMAN is the author of books, graphic novels, short stories, and creator of film and television for all ages. His internationally bestselling books include Norse Mythology, Neverwhere, Coraline, The Graveyard Book, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, The View from the Cheap Seats, and The Sandman series of graphic novels. He has been honoured with the Newbery, Carnegie, Hugo, Nebula, World Fantasy, and Will Eisner Awards, among many others.

His script for Doctor Who episode “The Doctor’s Wife,” won the 2011 Ray Bradbury Nebula Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation, and his script for Good Omens Episode 3, “Hard Times” won the 2019 Ray Bradbury Nebula Award.

Gaiman wrote and was showrunner for Amazon Prime and BBC Studios adaptation of Good Omens.

His novel American Gods has been adapted to a critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated TV series on Starz.

Lucifer, based on characters co-created by Gaiman for Sandman, is a hit TV series for Fox and now for Netflix, while a television series of Sandman itself is now in production for Netflix.

He produced the film based on his beloved novel Stardust in 2007. Other films and television series Gaiman has produced or Executive Produced include “How to Talk to Girls At Parties” and “Beowulf.” All work prior to The Blank Corporation can be found here.

His audiobooks have won many Audie Awards, including, Audiobook of the Year, and, twice, best narration by an Author or Authors. His audiobooks frequently appear on the NYT Audio Bestseller List.

He has appeared as  a cartoon version of himself in Arthur and The Simpsons, as a slightly less cartoonish version of himself in The Big Bang Theory.

In 2017, he became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Originally from England, he lives mostly in the United States, where he is a professor at Bard College.

For more about Neil, please visit his website.